Recite CMS Control Panel User Guide

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
Logging In
Using the Control Panel
Visiting Your Web Site
Control Panel Home Page
Adding a Widget
Removing a Widget
Adding and Removing Columns
Moving a Widget
Refreshing a Widget
Online Help
Updating Your Details and Password
Logging Out
2. Page Manager
Getting Started
Viewing Page Summary
Creating a Page
Editing a Page
Meta Data
Sample Uses
Special Meta Data Values
Managing Related Pages
Managing Related Files
Managing Page Permissions
Deleting a Page
3. File Manager
Getting Started
File Listing
Managing Folders
Creating A New Folder
Renaming A Folder
Custom Fields
Deleting A Folder
Uploading Files
Including Files On Your Web Site
File Details
Editing a File
Importing a New Version
Deleting a File
Uploading and Accessing Files Through The WYSIWYG
4. Template Manager
Getting Started
Templates Listing
Managing Folders
Creating A New Folder
Renaming A Folder
Deleting A Folder
Creating a Template
Editing a Template
Deleting a Template
5. Calendar Module
Getting Started
Importing Events
Date Format
Linking Categories
Linking Files
Handing Duplicates
Exporting Events
Personal Calendars
Event Clashes
Event Management Actions
Form Response Data
Ajax Response Data
6. Listings Module
Importing Listings
Linking Categories
Linking Files
Handing Duplicates
Exporting Listings
7. E-Commerce Module
Getting Started
Managing Product Types
Creating a Product Type
Editing a Product Type
Deleting a Product Type
Managing Product Categories
Creating a Category
Editing a Product Category
Managing Category Files
Deleting a Product Category
Managing Products
Creating a Product
Editing a Product
Managing Product Pricing
Managing Product Files
Managing Product Availability
Deleting a Product
Managing Orders
Viewing an Order
Re-Sending Order Details to Customer
Issuing Refunds
Managing Coupons
Creating a Coupon
Editing a Coupon
Deleting a Coupon
8. Users Module
Getting Started
User Directories
Creating a User Directory
Editing a User Directory
Deleting a User Directory
Importing Users
Exporting Users
Managing Users
Viewing Users
Creating a User
Editing a User
Deleting a User
Mailing Lists
Campaign Monitor
Viewing Existing Mailing Lists
Creating a Mailing List
Editing a Mailing List
Deleting a Mailing List
Synchronising a Mailing List
Managing Duplicate Users
Using the Duplicate Manager
Mapping Fields
Managing Duplicates
Control Panel Users
9. Form Management
10. Search Management
11. Container Management
Getting Started
Opening a Container
Creating a Rule
Editing a Rule
Reordering Rules
Removing a Rule
Adding Containers to Templates
Adding Containers to Page Content
12. WYSIWYG Editor Guide
13. Administration Tasks
Getting Started
Web Site Configuration
Custom Settings
Using Custom Settings In Templates
URL Mapper
Creating a New URL Mapping
Editing a URL
Deleting a URL
File Mirrors
Mirror Types
Creating a New Mirror
Editing a Mirror
Deleting a Mirror
Upload Paths
Creating a New Upload Path
Editing an Upload Path
Deleting an Upload Path
Making Use of Upload Paths
Site Structure Builder
Container Rule Summary