Recite CMS Control Panel Widget Development Guide (BETA GUIDE ONLY)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Getting Started
2. Creating a Widget
Directory Structure
Creating PHP Controller File
Creating a View Template
Creating a JavaScript Controller File
Creating a Widget CSS File
3. Event Handling
Naming of Events
The Recite Delegate Element
Triggering Events
Listening For Delegate Events
Listening For Other Events
Automatically Triggered Events
4. Status Messages
Triggering Loading Messages
Hiding Loading Messages
Triggering Status Updates
Hiding Status Messages
5. Ajax Requests
6. Form Processing
7. Widget Management
8. JavaScript API
Component Recite
Method: Recite.GetUrl
Method: Recite.HasCss
Method: Recite.LoadCss
Method: Recite.LoadScript
Component Recite_Ajax
Method: Recite_Ajax.Ajax
Method: Recite_Ajax.Error
Method: Recite_Ajax.Get
Method: Recite_Ajax.Post
Method: Recite_Ajax.Success
Component Recite_Dialog
Method: Recite_Dialog.Alert
Method: Recite_Dialog.Confirm
Method: Recite_Dialog.ConfirmFromUrl
Method: Recite_Dialog.FromAjax
Method: Recite_Dialog.SelectorFromJSON
Component Recite_DragDrop
Method: Recite_DragDrop.BuildDragContainer
Method: Recite_DragDrop.GetDragInfo
Component Recite_Form
Method: Recite_Form.ClearErrors
Method: Recite_Form.CreateWysiwyg
Method: Recite_Form.PopulateErrors
Method: Recite_Form.SerializeToObject
Method: Recite_Form.ShowFormSuccess
Method: Recite_Form.SubmitViaAjax
Component Recite_Tree
Method: Recite_Tree.GetDefaultOptions
Method: Recite_Tree.GetId
Method: Recite_Tree.SetId
Component Recite_Util
Method: Recite_Util.GetHighlightMessage
Method: Recite_Util.UrlGenerator
Method: Recite_Util.Urlize
A. Triggered Events
Module: Ads
Zone Operations
Campaign Operations
Linking Campaigns to Zones
Banner Operations
Module: Assets
File Operations
Folder Operations
Bulk Operations
Linking Files to Other Content
Module: Assets Mirrors
Module: Calendar
Module: Categories
Module: Comments
Module: E-commerce
Module: Feeds
Module: Forms
Module: Listings
Module: Mailing Lists
Module: Pages
Module: Search
Module: Templates
Module: Users

List of Examples

2.1. Sample widget controller file (controller.php)
2.2. Sample widget view template (index.tpl)
2.3. Sample JavaScript controller file (index.js)