Component Recite_Util

Various utility methods for Recite CMS

Method: Recite_Util.GetHighlightMessage

<static> {Element} Recite_Util.GetHighlightMessage(msg)

Get a DOM element that displays a highlighted message based using the input string

  • Parameters:

    • String msg - The message to highlight

  • Returns:

    • Element The highlighted element

Method: Recite_Util.UrlGenerator

<static> Recite_Util.UrlGenerator(src, dst, separator)

Automatically write a friendly URL-part into a text input based on the value of another input. If the URL input is manually modified it will stop auto-generating.

  • Parameters:

    • Element src - The HTML input the URL part is generated from

    • Element dst - The HTML input the URL part is written to

    • String separator - Optional, Default: "-" - The string to separate words in the generated URL

  • Returns: Void

Method: Recite_Util.Urlize

<static> {String} Recite_Util.Urlize(str, separator)

Make a string URL friendly. The resultant string will have only letters and numbers, and words will be separated by the specified separator.

  • Parameters:

    • String str - The string to urlize

    • String separator - Optional, Default: "-" - The word separator

  • Returns:

    • String The urlized string