Component Recite_DragDrop

Methods for managing drag/drop between Recite CMS Control Panel widgets. This works in conjunction with jQuery UI's draggable components

Method: Recite_DragDrop.BuildDragContainer

<static> {Element} Recite_DragDrop.BuildDragContainer(dragNode, options)

Build a drag container that will be displayed when one or more items are being dragged

  • Parameters:

    • Element dragNode - The element being dragged

    • Object options - Additional options for building the drag container

    • String[] options.items - The identifiers of one or more items being dragged

    • String options.singular - Optional, Default: "item" - A singular name for the type of item being dragged

    • String options.plural - Optional, Default: "items" - A name for the type of item being dragged

    • String options.type - A name to identify the type of node begin dragged. This is used so droppables know whether or not to accept the item.

  • Returns:

    • Element The created DOM node that will be displayed as the drag element

Method: Recite_DragDrop.GetDragInfo

<static> {Object} Recite_DragDrop.GetDragInfo(dragNode)

This element returns information about what was dragged from a node that has just been dragged.

  • Parameters:

    • Element dragNode - The node that was just dragged. This should be the same element passed to BuildDragContainer

  • Returns:

    • Object Information about the drag. The type is in the type property and the item IDs are in the items property/