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Getting Started

The Recite 2 Control Panel uses a widget-based system, meaning all aspects of managing content on a Recite web site involves interacting with a series of different widgets.

A Control Panel user can easily manage their widgets. Each user can have any number of tabs; a tab has one or more columns; each column can have any number of widgets; widgets can be added, removed or repositioned on-demand.

Widgets are written using a combination of PHP, JavaScript, HTML. Sometimes you will also use custom CSS. JavaScript is heavily used.

Your widgets can interact with other parts of Recite as you please:

This guide teaches you how to develop your own widgets for Recite.

Getting Started

To develop custom widgets you will need an understanding of PHP, HTML and JavaScript. Recite makes use of the jQuery JavaScript framework.

Additionally, you will need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or text editor with which to write code, as well as a working copy of Recite 2.