System Administration

Table of Contents

Maintenance Mode
Web Server Configuration
Manual Web Server Configuration
Managing Configuration Templates
Controlling Brands and Clients
Automatically Restarting Your Web Server
Backup Manager
Exporting a Client Site
Importing a Client Site
Exporting a Branding
Importing a Brand
System Status
Database Management
Cache Management

Recite CMS provides several tools to help you with system maintenance. These tools are accessible either by clicking on the System tab in the navigation, or by using one of the links under the System Maintenance heading in the right-hand column.

Maintenance Mode

You can put Recite CMS into maintenance mode, which is a special mode which allows you to perform maintenance on your installation.

When Recite CMS is in installation mode, users cannot access the Control Panel or any client web sites. Users trying to access these sites will be shown a message indicating the site is currently unavailable due to maintenance. Additionally, the Recite CMS administration site will display an orange banner across the top indicating the site is in maintenance mode.

You don't need Recite CMS to be maintenance mode for all tasks, but for tasks such as installing or upgrading packages you must use maintenance mode.

To enable maintenance mode, access the System Maintenance section by loading the System menu tab. Click the Enable Maintenance Mode button to enable maintenance mode.

Figure 9.1. The system maintenance page with maintenance mode enabled.

The system maintenance page with maintenance mode enabled.

To disable maintenance mode, click the Disable Maintenance Mode button. Recite CMS will ensure that the system is in an adequate state to be taken out of maintenance mode.


Specifically, it will ensure there are no pending database or other system updates to perform. If there are, you will not be able to disable maintenance mode until these updates are complete.