Backup Manager

Recite CMS allows you to easily backup and restore client web sites and branding configurations using the Backup Manager. You can load the backup manager from the system maintenance section of the administration site.


The client backup manager relies on the core-backup package being installed.

Figure 9.3. The client backup manager.

The client backup manager.

This page allows you to export a client site, as well as allowing you to upload a previously exported site so you can import it.

Exporting a Client Site

To export a client site, select the client from the provided drop-down, then click Export Client. After a brief delay, a new entry will appear in the list under the Available Backups heading.

This is a compressed version of the backup of the selected client site. You can download this file by clicking on the filename.

Importing a Client Site

In order to import a client site, the compressed backup must appear in the list under the Available Backups heading.

To upload a file, select it from your computer using the file input, then click Upload Backup. Once it has successfully uploaded it will appear in the list of available backups.

You can import the backup either to an existing client or you can import it as a new client. To import it to an existing client, select the client from the drop-down beside the backup and click Import. To import it to a new client, select the branding for the new client from the drop-down and click Import.

After a brief delay, the import will be complete.

Exporting a Branding

Each branding in Recite CMS has a number of settings associated with it, such as default modules, drivers and widgets.

You can export these settings to a single XML file using the brand backup manager. Once you have a brand XML file you can create a new branding (either on the same or another installation of Recite CMS) with the exported settings.

To export a brand, load the brand backup page. Select a brand from the dropdown list and click Export Brand. You will then be prompted to save an XML file.

Importing a Brand

To import a branding you must have an XML file that has previously been exported from Recite CMS. In the installation you want to restore the branding to, load the brands backup manager.

Select the XML file to upload then click the Import Brand button. After a brief delay you will be redirected to the details page of the newly-created brand.