Cache Management

In order to speed-up page access times, Recite CMS attempts to cache as much web site data on disk as possible. Having data cached is fine for a production web site, but during development (either development of custom Recite CMS modules or drivers, or developing your site in Recite CMS) having caching enabled can make the process more difficult.

You can control the Recite CMS cache in the Cache Management area of the system maintenance section. To disable the cache, click Disable Cache. You will not be prompted to confirm this action.

If you want to clear the cache but not disable it, click the Clear Cache button. Once again you will not be prompted to confirm. Since the cache is still enabled, it will gradually be re-primed as users continue to access client web sites.

If caching has been disabled, you can re-enable it by clicking the Enable Cache button. You will not be prompted to confirm this action.