Managing Modules and Drivers

You can control which functionality is available to each client using the Modules and Drivers page. When a new client is created they are automatically assigned the list of modules and driver that were assigned to the client's brand.

To change the list of modules and drivers, either click on Manage modules and drivers link when viewing the client details, or click Modules/Drivers for the respective client in the right-hand column of the administration section.

Figure 6.4. The client modules and drivers page.

The client modules and drivers page.

Modules are indicated in large type, and can be added by selecting the checkbox beside the module name. If the module has any drivers associated with it, they will appear beneath the module name once you select the module. You can then select any drivers you would like to include also.


Click the Select All button at the top of this page to select all modules and drivers, or Select None to de-select all.

Once you have made your selections, click the Save Modules and Drivers button at the bottom of the page.


Any new modules and drivers that are installed from newly installed packages will not be selected. To include them you will have to re-visit this page after installation.