Recite CMS Backend Request Driver Development Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
Creating Your Driver File
Assigning the Driver to Clients
Accessing the Driver Through Your Web Site
3. Handling Requests With run()
Method: run
Accessing Form Variables
4. Defining Actions
Method: preDispatch and postDispatch
5. Completing a Backend Request
Types of Responses
Returning to the Main Web Site
Setting the Return URL
Responding to Ajax Requests
Outputting Content Directly

List of Examples

2.1. A sample container (driver.php)
2.2. Defining driver dependencies (driver.php)
3.1. Accessing post data (driver.php)
4.1. Defining a backend request action (driver.php)
5.1. Return JSON data from a request (driver.php)
5.2. Return JSON data only for Ajax requests (driver.php)