Handling Requests With run()

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Method: run
Accessing Form Variables

When your backend request driver is accessed from the frontend Recite CMS web site, the request is sent through the run() method of the driver.

When your driver extends from the Module_Backend_Driver_Abstract class, this method is automatically defined for you and makes it relatively easy to create a number of different actions.

Typically you won't need to define run() yourself since the built-in one is highly effective (you'll see how in the next chapter). You can skip the rest of this chapter unless you need to define your own run()

Method: run

  • public function run($path)

This method accepts as its only argument the path specified in the request. Only the path remaining after specifying the driver name is included.

For example, if the URL requested was /__/weather/get/Adelaide, then $path argument contains get/Adelaide.