Returning to the Main Web Site

By default, once a backend request completes the user will be returned back to the web site.

If you don't want the user returned, call the setReturnToFrontEnd() with an argument of false. You can call this from the action handler, from preDispatch(), or from postDispatch().

Setting the Return URL

There are two ways to define the URL to return to. By default, when trying to return the user, Recite CMS will check for a posted form value called return. If this is specified then this is the URL that the user is returned to.

Alternatively, you can define the getReturnUrl() method. This method must return a string. The returned string is the location the user is referred to.

If the return URL cannot be determined, Recite CMS will look for a referring URL for the backend request. If one is found, then that is the return URL.

As a last-ditch effort, the root URL of your web site is used as the return URL if no other URL can be determined.