Managing Licenses

Table of Contents

Obtaining Licenses
Loading a New License
Viewing a License
Deleting a License
Transferring a License

Recite CMS can be installed for free and the Control Panel can be used for free, but a license is required to output every web site created with Recite CMS.

There are different types of licenses available (such as unrestricted and developer licenses), but regardless of the type, every site needs a license.


Licenses exist on a per-domain basis. That is, a single license is used for a single domain. It will work only for that domain (as well as the domain with "www." at the start of it.

The Recite CMS Administration Site contains a section for managing licenses. To access this section, select Clients from the main navigation, then select Licenses from the sub-navigation.

Once loaded, this page will show you a list of licenses that have been added to this installation.

Obtaining Licenses

You can obtain licenses for Recite CMS from the Recite CMS Download Portal. The download portal allows you to buy new unrestricted licenses, create developer licenses, retrieve your existing license keys and view your purchase history.