Managing Web Site Domains

The URL(s) that a client's web site is accessed by are managed on the client details page.

Under the Web Site Domains heading on the client details page, enter the URL in the text box and click Add domain.

You can have as many domains for a client's site as you like. If you have more than one domain, you can sort the list of domains in order of preference. If Recite CMS ever needs to automatically generate a link back to a client's web site, this ordering is used.


If the client's web site uses the "sub-sites" functionality (that is, having multiple web sites within their one account), then Recite CMS will possibly look past the first domain in this list. For instance, if you have multiple domains assigned to a sub-site, the domain appearing higher on this list will be used for automatic linking.

To delete a domain, click the delete link to the right of a domain.


When you add a new web site domain it will not work unless it is set up in your web server. You can use Recite CMS to help with web server configuration or you can manage it yourself. Refer to Web Server Configuration for more details.