Managing Control Panel Domains

The URL that users access the Recite CMS Control Panel from are defined by the brand the user's client belongs to.

To manage the Control Panel URLs you must be on the brand details page.

Under the Control Panel Domains heading, enter the URL of the Control Panel and click the Add Domain button.

If you have multiple domains assigned to a brand, you can drag-drop domains into your order of preference. This order is used by Recite CMS whenever it needs to automatically generate a link back to the Control Panel. The first-listed domain is the one that will be used.

To delete a domain, click the delete link to the right of a domain.


When you add a new Control Panel domain it will not work unless it is set up in your web server. You can use Recite CMS to help with web server configuration or you can manage it yourself. Refer to Web Server Configuration for more details.