Package Management

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Installing Packages
Which Packages Are Needed?
Upgrading Packages
Upgrading Recite CMS

Recite CMS is structured so that the main application itself provides limited functionality (such as managing an installation, managing clients and managing users). The content management functionality for Recite CMS comes from a series of packages. The Recite CMS package management tool can notify you which packages are available to be installed or upgraded. Additionally, it will also check for updates to Recite CMS itself.

You can access the package management tool in the Recite CMS administration section by navigating to System then Package Management.

Figure 4.1. The package management tool the very first time you load it.

The package management tool the very first time you load it.

Before Recite CMS can check which packages are available for installation you must enter your credentials for the Recite CMS Download Portal. This is the same username and password you used when initially running the Recite CMS command-line installer.


If you don't already have a username and password you can create a free account at the Recite CMS Download Portal.

Enter your details, then select the Stable channel, as well as selected Auto-checking enabled.


If you want access to pre-release packages you can select the other channels too. Note that packages in these channels may not be fully-functioning and could adversely affect any client sites if they are installed.

After saving your details the package management page will reload and try to poll the Recite CMS release server for information about packages.

Any packages you do not yet have installed will be listed under Available Packages, while upgrades to packages already installed will be listed under Installed Packages. If this is the first time using the package management tool then there won't be any installed packages.

Figure 4.2. The package management tool when there are new packages available.

The package management tool when there are new packages available.

While you can check for new or updated packages at any time, you can only install them when your copy of Recite CMS is in maintenance mode. This is so Control Panel users and end-users can't adversly affect the state of your installation while the installation or upgrade is occurring.

Installing Packages

To install packages, select the checkbox beside each package to want to install (or click the checkbox in the table heading to select all). Next, click the Install Packages button. This will take you to an instruction page for installing all packages.


Currently Recite CMS does not allow for package installations and upgrades to occur via your web browser. Instead, package installations and upgrades - as well as upgrades to Recite CMS itself - are initiated via the command-line.

The instruction page tells you which commands need to be executed on the command-line. It is simply a matter of following these instructions.


If you're installing a large number of packages, highlight the commands in your web browser and copy them to your clipboard, (Ctrl-C in Windows, Command-C in OS X). You can then paste them directly into your terminal.

Some packages rely on other packages, meaning when you install one package it might result in several others automatically being installed.

Which Packages Are Needed?

The packages you will need to install will depend on the requirements of the web sites being managed in your Recite CMS installation. At minimum, you must install the core package. This will automatically install all of the core Recite CMS packages.