Initial Setup

Table of Contents

Introduction to Maintenance Mode
Introduction to System Status
Setting Up the Maintenance Queue
Introduction to Package Management
Introduction to Brand Management
Setting Up A Control Panel Domain
Setting Up Default Modules and Drivers
Setting Up Default Widgets
Creating a New Client
Disabling Maintenance Mode

Once you have installed Recite CMS (as per the instructions in the Installing Recite CMS chapter), you must then set up Recite CMS so it can be used.

When you log in to Recite CMS for the first time you will screen similar to the following figure.

Figure 3.1. The Recite CMS Administration Site when you first log in.

The Recite CMS Administration Site when you first log in.

Introduction to Maintenance Mode

The first thing to take notice of is the orange bar across the top of the administration site.

This indicates that Recite CMS is currently in maintenance mode. When Recite CMS is in maintenance mode the Control Panel and any client sites are unavailable. If people try to visit these sites they will be shown a message indicating the site is down for maintenance.

Maintenance mode is used when you want to upgrade Recite CMS or install/upgrade packages. This process is covered later in this guide.

You can disable maintenance mode by clicking on the text in the message. For now, leave Recite in maintenance mode.