Managing Campaigns

Table of Contents

Creating a Campaign
Testing a Campaign
Sending a Campaign
Cancelling a Campaign Mailout
Deleting a Campaign
Viewing a Campaign Report

If you are using the built-in mailing list manager you can manage and send e-mail campaigns. To do so, click the Campaigns tab when viewing the mailing list. You will now be shown a list of existing campaigns (if any).

Creating a Campaign

Before you can create a campaign you must create a new e-mail template using the template management tools. This template forms the body of the e-mail campaign. It can contain a series of placeholders to include each user's details.

The type of template to create is Mailing List Campaign Template. In addition to the user fields, you can include an unsubscribe link so the user can opt-out of any future e-mails.

To create a new campaign, click the New Campaign button when viewing the list of campaigns. Select the campaign template, and if required, select any additional files to attach to the sent e-mail.

Click the Create Campaign button to create the campaign. It will be created in draft mode. This allows you to test and make any changes before it is sent.

Once saved it will appear in the list of campaigns for the mailing list. Click on the campaign to show its details in the Campaign Viewer widget.