Managing Listing Groups

Table of Contents

Creating a Group
Viewing a Group
Exporting Listings
Importing Listings
Editing a Group
Deleting a Group

In Recite CMS, a group is a collection of listings. You can use groups to split up listings. For example, you might have one group for holding a list of properties for sale and another for properties for rent..

You can choose which types of listings can be created in a group. You can allow any listing type to be created, or you can narrow it down to only one or two types if you want to.

Creating a Group

To create a new group, click the New Group button on the groups list widget. You will then be shown the group creation form.

On this form you can enter a title, select the group owner and select listing types that can be used in the group. The owner dropdown shows all Control Panel users.

Click the Create Group button to create your group. The group listing will now update to show the new group. Clicking on the new group will open it up in the Group Viewer widget.