Managing Product Types

Table of Contents

Creating a Product Type
Editing a Product Type
Deleting a Product Type

Product types allow you to store different properties for different products. For example, your online store might sell shoes and books. In this case you would create a product type called "Shoes" with a "Size" and "Colour" property, as well as a "Books" product type which has an "Author" property.

Product types are managed using the Product Types widget.

Creating a Product Type

To create a new product type, click the New Product Type button in the Product Types widget.

You will then be required to enter a title for your product type, as well as selecting the custom fields for the type. As an example, if you were to create a product type called "Shoes", then you might add an Integer field called "Shoe Size".

Click Create Product Type to create your new product type. The product types widget will then refresh to show the new type.