Managing Banners

Table of Contents

Creating a Banner
Editing a Banner
Deleting a Banner

Once you have created a campaign you can add one or more banners to it. A banner is a single advertising unit that can be displayed on your web site. A banner typically has an image (or some other file such as a flash movie) linked to it, as well as a destination URL (where the user is redirected if they click the banner).

You can view and manage banners that belong to a campaign by clicking on the Banners tab when viewing the campaign.

Creating a Banner

To create a new banner, click the New Banner at the bottom of the Campaign Viewer widget.

You will then be prompted to enter the destination URL and some display text. Additionally, you will need to select the file from the file manager to display for the banner. You must upload this prior to creating the banner.

Click Create Banner to create the banner. The banner listing in the campaign will now update to display the newly-created banner.

You can click on the banner to open it in the Banner Viewer widget.