Application Environment

Table of Contents

Current Client
Current User
Control Panel
Client Site
Database Abstraction
Maintaining Cross-Platform Compatability

This section contains information about the Recite CMS application environment. Certain items and objects (such as current client and user information) are available from all custom code that you implement with the Recite CMS framework.

Current Client

You will frequently need access to the current client, since all data for a site is tied to that particular client. You can retrieve the active client object (an instance of the Application_Client class) using the following code.

Example 3.1. Retrieving the active client object

    $client = Application::GetClient();

    // output the client ID
    echo $client->getId();

You can use this method in both the control panel and on client sites (such as in custom request handlers).

Alternatively, if you only need the ID of the current client you can use the getClientId() function.

Example 3.2. Retrieving the ID of the active client

    $clientId = getClientId();