Recite CMS Container Rule Driver Development Guide

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Getting Started
Creating Your Driver File
Assigning the Driver to Clients
Container Rule Templates
3. Processing Container Rule Options
Method: getFormDefaults
Method: getEditorData
Method: process
Displaying Container Rule Options to the User
4. Rendering Your Container Rule Driver
Method: run
Displaying the Assigned Data
Creating Sample Templates
Controlling Container Rule Caching
Disabling Built-In Template Handling
5. Paging and Limiting
Determining the Current Page Number and Results Limit
6. Controlling Results Ordering
Adding Ordering Capabilities to Your Container Rule
Determining the Current Order Direction

List of Examples

2.1. A sample container (controller.php)
3.1. An example of the getFormDefaults() method
3.2. An example of the getEditorData() method
3.3. Processing a user-submitted value
3.4. Displaying container rule options to the user
4.1. Running a container rule
4.2. Displaying sample weather data
5.1. Enabling paging and limiting of results
5.2. Determining the page number and results limit and using them in an SQL query
6.1. Enabling ordering of results
6.2. Determining the order direction using it in an SQL query