Containers and container rules are the mechanism by which dynamic content is inserted on a web site created with Recite CMS. Without container rules, a web site will consist only of a series of statis HTML pages.

Every page in Recite CMS can have any number of containers. A container is a area on a page in which container rules can be inserted. Each container can container any number of container rules.

Container rules can output any content or perform any functionality you require. This guide instructs you how to develop your own container rule types to use in conjunction with those that ship with Recite CMS.

The general idea with container rules is that when they are executed, the rule generates various content than can then be displayed with a user-defined template. That is, the container rule shouldn't perform any direct output of its own. This guide will help you achieve this.

In this guide we will create a simple container rule driver called weather. This driver asks the user to select their location, then displays the weather for that location.