Creating a Mailing List

To create a new mailing list in Recite CMS, you must first have a user directory created. The users that are in this user directory (or users that will be created in future) are the only users that can be in the mailing list.


This user directory must have at least one e-mail address field. If there is no e-mail field, then having users in a mailing list is of no use.

To create a new mailing list, click the New Mailing List button in the Mailing Lists widget.

First you must select if you want to the Recite CMS driver or the Campaign Monitor driver. Next, select the user directory to use for the mailing list and any of the other options. When creating a new Campaign Monitor mailing list you will need to specify your Campaign Monitor API Key and the ID for the Campaign Monitor client. These are both available from your Campaign Monitor account.

Once you have enter these values, click the Create Mailing List button. They keys will now be verified, and if successful, your new mailing list will be created.


If you are using Campaign Monitor a new mailing list has now been created in your Campaign Monitor account.

The new mailing list will now appear in the Mailing Lists widget. If you click the mailing list from this widget, the mailing list viewer widget will be opened.

Figure 3.1. Managing mailing lists in the Control Panel

Managing mailing lists in the Control Panel