Managing Orders

When an order is placed it will appear in the Orders Browser Control Panel widget. You can filter orders by their status if required. Clicking on an order will open it in the Order Viewer widget.

This widget shows a variety of information of order. Firstly, the order status is displayed on the Overview tab. You can update the status as required (such as marking it as shipped and entering a tracking number).

The Details tab shows you details about the customer. That is, it shows the information they entered when placing the order.

Next, the Items tab shows all of the items that were ordered by the user.

The History tab shows you a complete history for the order, such as when it was placed or when the status was updated. You can add a custom message if required. If you are making orders available for viewing on your web site you can display this history.

The Payments tab shows a list of payments that have been received for the order. You can manually add a payment here if required.