Command-Line Tools

There are several command-line tools available to help you manipulate the maintenance queue. Each of these is available in the ./application/tools/maintenance directory.

Queueing A Maintenance Task

To add an item to the maintenance queue manually, use the queue.php script.

The first argument is the class name of the maintenance script while any subsequent key=value pairs are used as options for the item.

For instance, ./queue.php Your_Maintenance_Class param1=foo.

You can set client context for the item by specifying a parameter called client_id. For instnace, For instance, ./queue.php Your_Maintenance_Class client_id=id param1=foo.

Running a Maintenance Task Immediately

Similar to queueing a maintenance task from the command-line, you can also run it in real-time using the run.php script.

This script accepts parameters in the same fashion (including setting client context).

Processing Maintenance Queue

You can process the maintenance queue on-demand by using the process.php script. This script accepts no argument. It is the same script that administrators set up as a cron job / scheduled task when installing Recite CMS.